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Dec 31, 2019

Regardless of your title at work, in the home you’re a leader. It’s an exhausting and ambiguous role as you navigate the emotions of little ones, but it’s an important role to be proud of. Simon Sinek discusses four pointers that help us as parents take responsibility of our actions.


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Dec 26, 2019

Peter Gray tells us that play, originally built into our daily structure, has nearly ceased to exist. He talks about the effect that has had on our kids, and on us as adults as well.


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Dec 24, 2019

Carl Honore walks us through the tendencies we have when we’re wrapped up in busyness, and conversely the benefits of slowing down. There is a time and place to hustle, but everything has a season and a cycle, and we need to pay attention to it.


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Dec 19, 2019

Magician Andrew Bennett walks us through how to create a thriving environment around us by watching our words. As parents, when our mindset is optimistic, we speak encouraging words of life. In most cases our kids will follow suit and our homes will be safe and nourishing places to be.


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Dec 17, 2019

Poet David Whyte takes us on a lyrical journey to remind us that we must accept the cycles of each season and each age. After all, our kids watch us and learn from us as we navigate this fascinating ride of parenthood.


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