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Oct 31, 2019

We may temporarily allow sugar highs for special occasions. But the truth is they can happen everyday with common foods we consider healthy. Jamie Oliver informs us on how we can advocate for our health at our schools and with our government, change our relationship with food, and that we need to teach our children how...

Oct 29, 2019

Tiffany Dufu gives a hall pass to drop the ball on unrealistic expectations, the idea that we’re supposed to do certain things a certain way, and to do lists. Our physical and mental environment matters. How are we choosing to cultivate our internal environment as parents in creating an external environment for our...

Oct 24, 2019

We must be mindful that we’re constantly sowing seeds into our impressionable kids’ minds. Let’s reclaim the moments to sow well, so that our kids will reap the benefits. Listen in as Robin Sharma gives some great advice on how to grow great kids.


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Oct 22, 2019

Dr. Maya Angelou reminds us parents to see the value in our kids. There is so much worth in their creative minds, curious questions, and even mishaps. How can you help your child take a step in the right direction, knowing they are unconditionally loved?


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Oct 17, 2019

Simon T. Bailey points out that the same letters used to write ‘listen’ are used to write ‘silent.’ This is a reminder to really engage with our kids by listening. If we miss the small moments with our kids, we miss out on a lifetime of knowing them better. These moments when they’re children are creating a...